Sep 30, 2014

What can I get for a 13 year old boy

What can I get for a 13 year old boy or what gifts sound best for a 13 year old boy is a difficult question because, let's  face it teenagers are difficult to communicate with.

Gaming gift ideas are the top of the top of all...

The Hunger Games is a perfect gift for a teenager, my cousin got it for his 13 year old birthday party from their parents. And he was thrilled!


Xbox 360 hot games, you can't go wrong with that, only if it a biologist passionate or an astrology fan.

Batman Arkham City for Xbox 360:

Why not a cell phone. Or even a smart phone or some smart phone accessories: iPhone cases, iPhone car set.

iPod Nano
Ipod Touch
Notebook, not an expensive laptop.

Sports equipments
Brand name T-shirts - I won't go with's not a gift full of originality.

Skateboards and accessories: gloves, bindings, boots or table tennis set.

Note: Many thanks to my visitors for buying from Amazon through my ads, you all are helping me with my breast cancer costs and my mom's thyroid cancer costs, I'll keep you in my prayers.


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