Nov 12, 2013

Handmade gifts for a 13 years old girl

Choose a handmade gifts for a 13 years old girl

For a birthday party or for Christmas evening, for a 13 years old girl, you may choose a handmade gift. And I am thinking of a handmade jewelry. If you pick a pear of silver earrings with black pearls, I think you may choose the perfect classic gift to wear it to a special occasion or even in the Christmas evening.
You may try a friendship bracelet, a pink journal, a personalized pillowcase, memo boards, denim purse or very colored fabric purse made by you.

You can make the unique gift for a 13 old teenage girl

You can make unique gift for a 13 old teenage girl, all you need are the pieces for a beautiful bracelet or silver earrings or even a necklace.

Please take care to offer a unique and personalized gift, it id more precious then an expensive one. A delicate jewelry can be very useful.

A classic silver or black pear of earrings or bracelet can make the person you love, very happy.

A decorated cake made by your hands will be the magnificent gift of all. But only if you are very handy, you know how to make delicious cake and most of all, you know how to decorate it: with pink purse or pink shoes made of sugar paste or pink jewelry made of marzipan.

I made her a birthday cake

To my best friend teenage daughter, I offer her a delicious chocolate homemade cake. I had some trouble with my sugar paste little flowers, but I had a brilliant idea and everything turned out to be ok.

I think I discovered my passion: decorating cake. All I have to do know is to start my own business and make some money. I love to create birthday cakes with pink purses on top made only from sugar paste or almond and sugar paste. Or I may try a pink ballerina shoes on top of the cake?!

Other ideas for a handmade gift for a young girl

I was thinking of silly pillows made out of funky fabric, all made with fusible webbing and hot glue for her birthday party or for Christmas. You could make personalized pillowcases.

Or you can make a French memo boards (the fabric covered boards w/ ribbon and buttons).

Don't forget to make a couple of friendship bracelets.

A beautiful gift is also a journal like drawing book and drawing pencils.


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