Jul 11, 2011

Cute baby shower cupcakes decorating ideas

Find cute baby shower cupcakes for boys, girls or both! Tips for toppers, pans and decorations.
I will learn you how to decorate baby shower cupcakes because I have experience: I did this three times this year, for my niece, my nephew and my best friend son.

I love to add to a simple cupcake a pacifier top like the candies pacifier sold on Amazon and I like to combine the cream color like vanilla and cherry and a red white pacifier on top. Check the top and right of this page for examples.


My favorite is the tower cupcakes made with mint and chocolate and a baby pacifier on top.

Red heart fondant topper are a unique way to change the classic look of a baby shower cupcake. 


Try my cute baby shower cupcakes decorating ideas!


I need to buy some cadies pacifier for my best friends daughter.

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