Jul 14, 2011

Rapunzel coloring pages for free

You see my 3 years old daughter, Carrie, love to draw and to color.... her favorites toys are...well, coloring books and she needs always new ones. She spend hours sitting in her chair coloring books....no other toys or stories..no TV...

I need all the time new coloring pages.

Because she had a Rapunzel birthday cake, a Rapunzel doll with Rapunzel doll dress and Rapunzel hair accessories (a few weeks ago) on her 3rth birthday party, I had to search for Rapunzel coloring books...for free....I bought some from Amazon, but after spending more than 100 USD on coloring books, I said to search some for free.

I am almost positive in a month or less, she will need more new coloring pages theme.....

But for now, Rapunzel.

And I found the best free Rapunzel coloring pages so my daughter, Carrie, is so happy now...I feel so good and  ready to move the mountains when I have the opportunity to make my daughters happy.


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